Gríptu Tækifærið!

Graphic design + Photography

The department of Welfare in Reykjavíkur or Velferðarsvið Reykjavíkur needed to figure out how to make people interested about their work and find some more employees to work with disabled people and in nursing homes.

The idea was to show the great connection between the person receiving help and the person working with her, showing their friendship and how beneficial for both person this job is.

Our idea was to get the people in the studio for an interview and a photoshoot. The photos from the shoot would then be used to make a film poster referring to the job and made to look like a movie poster. The poster were put around Reykjavík on billboards and bus stops, in all the newspaper, web banners and more.

Agency: Skuggaland
Director: Sigurður Hannes Ásgeirsson
DOP: Ívar Kristjánsson