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Icelandair Hotels

Is a book about a restaurant and a cocktail bar in Reykjavík. In the book the reader is introduced to the concept of the place. The main attraction are the cocktails as this is the first cocktail bar in Iceland and at the time it was run by the best cocktail maker in Iceland. In the book you can read the story of the place both about the restaurant and cocktail bar. It is in a very iconic place in Iceland so the area would have a huge influence on the look of the book. The Hotel where the restaurant / cocktail bar are locate is in a shipping yard that have been there for 100 years or more in Reykjavík. Our idea was to connect it to the shipping yard or Slippurinn as it is called in Iceland. So the sea, fishermen, and the overall design of the hotel and restaurant/bar was our inspiration.

The book came out in the fall of 2015.

Agency: Reykvíska Hönnunarfélagið
My role: Art direction, graphic design & Photography
Graphic Designers: Hörður Ásbjörnsson, Steinþór Rafn Mattíhasson, Arnór Skúli Arnarson.