Art direction + Production + Photography + Graphic design + Web design

Icelanders throw about seventy million plastic bags annually into the trash. In about fifty years there will be the same amount of plastic and fish in the sea, and each plastic bag takes about fifteen to one thousand years to break down.

So, if nothing changes the future is not too bright. One of the largest grocery stores in Iceland Krónan, was determined to do something to change how they do things and inform people about the harm of single use plastic on the nature.

Skuggaland Creative agency created a campaign against plastic waste, the aim was to encourage people to buy fewer plastic bags in the store and instead use the multipurpose bag and think more about how to recycle plastic. The website www.ialvoru.is was made as an information page with all the information we could get our hands on to inform people about what we can do better. Interviews with people that are taking the first step in recycling plastic and people who have done it for many years.

Programmer: Vilhjálmur Ari Gunnarsson
Illustrator: Eðvarð Atli Birgisson
Director / editor / Creative process: Sigurður Hannes Ásgeirsson
Photography: Hallur Karlsson