Home security






Securitas is one of the largest security companies in Iceland and have a wide variety of security services. Among them is the home protection package and Reykvíska Hönnunarfélagið Creative Agency got the job to make an ad campaign to advertise that package. 

The Idea was to display a feeling of danger with sound and a super close up shot and then reveal that the danger is not real but the totally opposite of a family vacationing abroad.

The outcome were these 4 TV commercials, photographs and graphics. 

My work: Photography & concept.

Agency: Reykvíska Hönnunarfélagið
Director: Sigurður Hannes Ásgeirsson
DOP: Ívar Kristján Ívarsson
Graphic design: Steinþór Rafn Matthíasson, Arnór Skúli Arnarsson, Ragnar P. Kristjánsson.
Concept: Steinþór Rafn Matthíasson, Arnór Skúli Arnarsson, Ragnar P. Kristjánsson, Sigurður Hannes Ásgeirsson, Hörður Ásbjörnsson